A mom’s Review on Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Light deluxe gym for babies

If yofisher-price-rainforest-playmat-deluxe-gym2u are looking for a baby activity gym for your little one then you should consider the Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym.  The Rainforest theme activity gym has many great features that will promote your baby’s early development and will keep your little one entertained for hours.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Fisher Price Rainforest gym is the color.  The vibrant and contrasting colors help stimulate visual perception of babies that start to develop around 4 months.   This is why almost all baby toys items have bright contrasting colors in the design because manufacturers what to add this developmental benefit.

When you place your little one on the Rainforest play mat you’ll notice the soft quilt and cute colorful animals all around the gym. These animals are great for attracting their visual curiosity and will hopefully encourage them to reach, grasp, touch and feel the different textures of the gyms. The soft silky quilt has one feel and all stuff animals like the bird, monkey, and giraffe have a different texture.  But most likely your baby will be placing all these items in their mouth as part of their exploring.

fisher-price-rainforest-melodies-dexluxe-play-mat-gym-activity-coupon-saleOne key design benefits of the Fisher Price Rainforest deluxe gym are the arches that loop over the play mat.  These arches allow you to hang most of the toys for your little one to see and potentially grab when they are on their backs.  This will help with their reaching, grabbing, and hand eye coordinating skills as they try play with these toys.  These toys are also detachable from arches as well to give you added flexibility if your baby prefers playing on their tummy.  These arches are pretty sturdy and lock into place so you don’t have to worry about the arches falling down when you little one is play on the mat.

The music from the deluxe gym is another great development tool on this Rainforest play mat.  They have 2 music modes.  The first mode is your typical turn on and the baby sounding music plays in the background.  The second mode is the shake and response mode.  This mode is great for teaching your little one cause and effect while they play.  For instance, as the rattle or move the arches music will turn on. If they want to hear music again, the little one will need to learn rattling the arches produces a musical response.  The music has two volume settings just in case your little one falls asleep or you’re tired of hearing the sound for the 100th time.  With the music, you’ll also see flashing lights on top of the arches.  These lights add another visual benefit for babies.

Overall, the Fisher Price Rainforest Deluxe gym is a great product that can help promote your little ones development and provide tons of fun all in a comfortable and safe play zone.


Summary Highlights:

PROS for the Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Light deluxe gym

  1. Floor quilt is washable by machine
  2. Play mat can fold away for easy storage
  3. Two music settings for automatic or response initiated
  4. Two volume settings for music
  5. Flashing lights with music
  6. Detachable toys
  7. Cute animals on play mat with details like zebra tail sticking out, crinkle sounding leaf
  8. Battery life is great
  9. Great surface for daily tummy time
  10. Sturdy arches

CONS against the Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Light deluxe gym:

  1. More toys for gym would be great
  2. Butterflies don’t spin automatically on top of arches
  3. Play mat could be bigger for crawling babies