Tiny Love Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym Super Deluxe Lights and Music Play mat Review from a mom

tiny-love-gymini-play-mat-activity-gym-baby-couponThe Tiny Love lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym is another great play mat for your little one. This activity gym has all the elements that you want in a play mat like providing a safe environment for play while adding the benefits of developmental activities that will stimulate your little one.

The Tiny Love Gymini activity gym folds out to 32 x 32 inches with it’s soft mat that is covered with various color animals like a elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, and monkey.  These bright colors serves multiple purpose, first they the colors will attract the attention of your little and keep them focus in the play area, while the contrast in colors will help develop your baby’s visual perception.

The stuff toys that come with gym are also brightly color and fun to play with.  The plush animals are a monkey, giraffe, elephant, and a bird.  These animals are great because they have different interactive responses for babies to learn. The monkey’s leg will spring back and forth when pulled.  The elephant will vibrate when jolted.   The giraffe will make a rattle noise when it’s batted around.   The bird makes a crinkling noise when grab. Then there is the mirror to encourage her curiosity more by providing her own face to look it.  All these are great for making your baby learn cause and effect and encourage baby learning in multiple ways.

Like most activity gyms, the Tiny Love Gymini has two padded arches that cross each other from corner to corner.  These arches are key for attaching the toys that will dangle over the play mat.  The benefit will be for 0-3 month old babies because they will be placed on the plat mat while lying on their backs.  With the toys hanging from the arches, your baby can start to learn how to grab and grasp items as they dangle over their hands.  All these stuff animals can easily be removed from the arches for playing on the go and once their curiosity gets the best of them, they will start tasting all the fun toys.

tiny-love-gymini-play-mat-activity-gym-baby-coupon-mirrorWhen your little one is older, tummy time will be another fun activity the Tiny Love Gymini can provide.  While on the play mat your baby will be entertained with music, flashing lights, fabric flowers and animal tails, ears, hair, and flowers that pop out of the play mat for them to feel the differences in texture.

There are only 2 modes for music that includes 10 minutes of continuous Mozart classical or three short fragments of popular nursery rhymes. The sound is not very loud, which is great for babies after playing so much that they might need a nap.  The flashing lights from the flowers are another learning device to encourage your baby to interact and satisfy their desire to explore.  When the music stops, all baby needs to do is press anywhere on the corner of the mat and the music will start up again, thus teaching them cause and effect.

Overall, the Tine Love Gymini activity gym is a great play mat that will help your little one reach all your early development milestones.


Summary Highlights:

PROs for Tiny Love Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym Super Deluxe Lights and Music Play mat:

  1. Play mat is easily washable by machine
  2. Play mat can fold away for easy storage
  3. Two music settings for automatic or response initiated
  4. Flashing lights with music
  5. Detachable toys
  6. Cute animals on play mat with details like zebra tail sticking out, crinkle sounding leaf
  7. Battery life is great
  8. Great surface for daily tummy time
  9. Sturdy arches

CONs for Tiny Love Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym Super Deluxe Lights and Music Play mat:

  1. More toys for gym would be great
  2. No volume control on music
  3. Color on fabric play mat fades a little with each washing
  4. Play mat could be bigger for crawling babies


Product details about Tiny Love Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym Super Deluxe Lights and Music Play mat:

  • Size: 32 x 32 inches
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries for lights and music (they are included)
  • Weighs about 1.9 lbs
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 1 month to 12 month
  • Made in China